Adventure: my feverish thoughts.

I’d like to clarify something, my Rudolph the Reindeer nose is NOT in honor of Christmas! It’s the unfortunate result of being sick & using one-too-many tissues.

I’m currently not in possession of any deep thoughts, but I figured you’d all have a good laugh reading what’s going on in my brain (spoiler warning: NOT MUCH, since my body has channeled all of its brilliance into fighting germs):

-tea is delicious, especially when you have a sore throat
-I look pale and pathetic while sick, but a sparkley scarf helps to fix that!
-dark nail polish is super cute. even cuter on short nails. (Note: I’m biased, I ALWAYS have short nails)
-note to self: journal more! You’ve only written ONCE since August.
-Real, live Christmas trees smell delicious!
-I’m addicted to earrings like these and these and these.


To distract you from my current lacklusterness, here’s a drool-worthy pair of pumps from J.Crew:

Little bow tweed platform peep toes

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