Perfect sunny’s for YOUR face!

Just a quick post today about sunglasses – the spring and summer must-haves! Check out these different styles and shapes and see which are best for your particular face. This article  shows sunny’s for everyone – some with funky colors, others for classic and simple taste. There are also shades here for every budget – so enjoy without feeling guilty!


I just need 5 MORE MINUTES!

If I gave my husband a dollar for every time I uttered this phrase to him, well, yes – of course he would be rich. Like, really rich. I definitely think my clock ticks faster than his and that’s why I am always begging him for a few more precious minutes as we are hustling around the house trying to get ready for whatever is planned that day.

Time management. Ugh. Something I used to be pretty good at. However, since giving birth to my beautiful daughter last year that phrase “time management” has begun to haunt me. Now those words look like some sort of ancient hieroglyphic phrase that I can’t quite decipher the meaning of, no matter how hard I try.

The bottom line is that there is just so much more “stuff” to do now! So, what to do? How do I add more hours to my day? Impossible.  I must start eliminating things on my day’s agenda that are not of great importance, things that are time-wasters, sucking up my valuable minutes.  That way, the important things still get done in a timely matter. What are your time-wasters? If yours have to do with your morning routine then check out this fantastic piece on some ways that you can salvage your time in the AM – and gain it back when you really need it!

Ok, I’m off to wash & fold laundry, feed the baby, make dinner and vacuum – all in a timely fashion! 🙂

Spring Wardrobe: Veruca Salt would be pleased

Unfortunately, each new season I want a new wardrobe. Instead of allowing myself to become a modern day Veruca Salt, wanting things and wanting them NOW, I usually wait until later in the season when everything starts to go on sale. But, with a little internet scouring I’ve found a some things that don’t require you to hold your breath for a mid-season mega sale. All five pieces are under $50, and several of them have multi-season use.

1) For just $29 you might be able to get these sandals in gold AND coral (and black too!). I love that they’re a bit dressier than flip-flops, but still super casual. I imagine I’ll be donning these with quite a few dresses between now and next Fall.

2) A dress from Target? Yes! It’s twenty bucks AND can serve as both a basic dress (add a sweater for chilly early Spring days) & a bathing suit cover-up in the Summer.

3) This LOFT dress is less than $50 when you apply the additional 40% off that LOFT is currently offering, and it’s a perfect Easter/Spring wedding piece!

4) OH MY GOODNESS. I adore the orange and violet combo Madwell has going on with this scarf!

5) I adore this super feminine tank/tee from Old Navy, and at $14.50 I may end up getting more than one color!

Happy Spring!