New Nail Hues 4 Fall

New hues 4 ur nails this fall, which is ur fave? Its a toss up 4 me, @chanel coco blue @deborahlippman stormy weather


What Message Are You Sending?

Did you know that your clothes send messages? You do not need to speak, you do not need to utter one word – your clothes can do all the talking for you;  good or bad! Think about it – how do you feel when you walk out of your house wearing that great tailored blazer, a sharp, white collared shirt underneath paired with your favorite  jeans? You feel great! You feel great because you know you made a great clothing choice and your comfortable in it. You exude confidence, you walk with pep in your step. That is the message that is being broadcast to everyone that you come into contact with. Now, think about the times when you have seen a women walking down the street, shall we say, wearing clothes that leave little to the imagination. What’s your first thought? Mine is, “Seriously? Does she really crave & need THAT much attention?” She’s sending a message too, right? Yes, not one that I would want to be sending, though – I think its one that relays a lack of confidence and self-respect. Its one that wants attention from everyone, instead of just that someone special. And how about that girl you saw the other day with the oversized sweater and ill-fitting pants? Could be a host of messages – unorganized…doesn’t care about how she looks, she could be depressed and is blanketing her inward emotions by covering up her body…lazy…

Lets face it, we judge others outwardly first. (We shouldn’t, but we do.) We get the chance to communicate our values and character each and every day by simply choosing what outfit we’re going to wear. Whew! Think that sounds overly dramatic? I dare say it is not. God has given us these bodies to respect and display a certain way. What are we presenting to the world? What title are we draping over our heads as we walk out the door? How are we communicating ourselves to those we come into contact with? With confidence and self-respect? Or that we need attention from every passing guy? I believe that our style, our dress should be a proper reflection of our standards and principles that we have set in our lives.

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