The Summer to Fall Transition

We are thoroughly enjoying the weather that we’re getting this September here in the northeast…I guess this is how you Californians feel all year round! Sigh. Well, if you’re like me I just can’t stand the thought of parting with some of my key pieces that I wore all summer. To get a little more wear out of them, I’ve paired them with some great transition styles…let’s get started!

1. The Colored Capri – instead of the tank and sandals, opt for something a little warmer! Paired with chambray, a cozy sweater, colorful accessories and flats – you’ve got a great look for fall!

Summer to Fall Transition: The Colored Capri
2. The LBD – lets get some more use out of this tank dress…it goes from summer party to work appropriate with a chunky sweater, tights and ankle boots. Muted accessories finish off this polished look for fall.
Summer to Fall Transition: The Tank Dress
3. The Maxi Skirt – one of my go-to articles this summer! Again, lose the sandals and the easy, breezy top – here we paired it with a great autumn color, mustard. With a clean, white button down and gold accessories this becomes a must-have look for this season.
Happy fall shopping! Remember, it’s about your SHAPE, not your WEIGHT…dress for your body shape this season and watch and see how great you look and feel!

Never Too Early for Nautical

Who doesnt love Polyvore? Its like a candy store for fashion lovers!

Here’s an early spring ensemble with a nautical flair…

Welcome to Polyvore!


2013 Trend Alert – Which is Right for You?

Happy New Year! This is always an exciting time for stylists as it screams new and fresh on the fashion front. What is everyone wearing for spring? What are the hot colors? What textures and fabrics are top of the list? It can be a bit daunting to try and navigate your way through the newest trends and then have to figure out which you can actually pull off – so… help out a bit we have collected some top trends for 2013 and some pretty fun ways to incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe. Lets trend it!

1. Metallics

I think metallics are such a great way to dress up any outfit, but this spring they are stealing the scene in casual wear, check out these sneakers from Asos shoes that will add some bling to any outfit:

If this isn’t really your “speed”, try adding a metallic as another accessory to your outfit – like a cool Michael Kors clutch or some fab nail polish seen here:


2. Greens

The green palette is making quite a statement this season – shades ranging from mint to emerald are being spotted everywhere. Women with darker hair look stunning in a more jeweled-toned shade, these dresses from Michael Kors, Vera Wang and Reem Acra hit the mark:

Shades of Green

For an option that is a little more affordable, here’s a sweet dress from LOFT that won’t break the bank at about $80 or accessorize with this bubble necklace from J. Crew for $70:

Sleeveless Crepe Dress    J.Crew Bubble 18-karat gold-plated resin necklace

3. Bold Stripes

Ok, these guys are EVERYWHERE and I couldn’t be happier! I absolutely adore stripes! They scream nautical, classy, timeless and effortless to me. I think this trend could be my fave for this season. If you are full-figured then stay away from horizontal stripes as they could make you appear larger – opt for diagonal or vertical stripes which are instantly slimming. If you have a boyish body type then horizontal stripes could give you the illusion on curves – so go for it! I love stripes on skirts, camis, tees, blouses and blazers. They can be equally as eye-catching on smaller accessories like scarves and bags, too, though. Here are some great options from Banana Republic to choose from:

This diagonal striped tee is only $39.50

Striped skirt $89.50

The ultimate striped trench for $198 – major!

Dont be afraid of multi-colored stripes either…this little number is from Anthropologie for $148

Lauri Dress

4. Lace

This trend can be so, so feminine and chic but can quickly cross over to racy and risqué pretty quickly. A tip for keeping it classy –  if the lace is of a sheer texture then underlay it with an appropriate cami, it will look positively Grace Kelly-ish and leave a little to the imagination!

Loving this cardigan from Banana, drooling over this lace cuff from Stella & Dot for $98 and this lace skirt from Jolie Moi for $29:

Lace front cardigan                    Beige pencil skirt

So what’s your favorite trend for the season? Which will you be sporting this spring? Remember, make the trend work for your personal style, no need to wear something  just because its “on trend” – make sure you love it and have fun with it!

Stuff My Stocking

Well, shoppers – 13 days left for you to purchase those perfect gifts for your loved ones and friends. The holidays just seem to creep up on us every single year, no? Every year in October I repeat a mantra to myself …I will be done shopping by December 1…and, uh, every year, I do not even BEGIN until December 1. Oh well, I guess as long as the shopping is done by the 25th we’ve completed a major accomplishment!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE stocking stuffers- I would rather get smaller gifts in my stocking than one big gift…I’ve always been that way! What has been your favorite stocking gift that you have given or received? If you still have a “stuffer” on your list that you need to buy for here are some of my top picks with a little help from some of my favorite sites and stores.

1. Love this Knotty Ring, $14 from

Knotty Ring

2. The Little Dictionary of Fashion Book, $19.95 from


3. Kate Spade Hello IPhone Case, $40 from


4. Precision Cutter, $6.99 from

5. Cabledrop Cord Clips, $9.99 for 6 from

6. Tipping Teacups, $20 from

Tipping Teacup

7. Glitter Case, $22.50 from 


Glitter case for iPhone 4

8. Painted Amaryllis Measuring Cups, $38.00 from

Painted Amaryllis Measuring Cups

Oh, the possibilities are endless when talking of stocking stuffers…hope you get inspired by this little list and maybe pick up one of these for yourself! 😉

Still Have to Strut

This weekend I’m going to a wedding for a former roommate, and I’m super, super excited to celebrate her, her incredible man, and to see old friends! It’s going to be great.


I bought this dress in December. I got it on super, super sale from J.Crew. In fact I bought two dresses at the time (one for a fabulous February wedding & one for this coming weekend) and together, with shipping, they cost LESS than either of the dresses’ individual prices. Bargain!


They were Final Sale, which means I can’t return them. And to add insult to injury, I tried the dress on in December, when it arrived, and then tried it on for the second time…last night. Big mistake. BIG mistake. The color is gorgeous. 87% of the cut of the dress is fantastic, and yet there are a few parts that I’ve decided I’m not thrilled with.


I’m using this dress as a test of my own confidence. All the ‘flaws’ that I’m finding with the cut and my body are not going to evaporate before Saturday, and I REFUSE to buy a new dress. So, aside from this little confessional, I’m going to follow my own advice and keep my mouth shut. And above all, I’m going to work it. Besides everyone will be looking at the bride. 😉

Shop Smarter and Save

Ahhhh… we can finally all breathe and once again see our carpeting that was hidden underneath crumpled wrapping paper, tinsel and empty cardboard boxes. Our houses are back to normal, decorations are down, put away and yes, we have survived another lovely holiday season with family and friends.

And just when you thought you could NEVER shop again, yes, the time has come! These next two weeks offer us, as consumers, irresistible deals wherever you look. If you are in a mall or driving past a store you will now start seeing flashy signs such as “semi-annual clearance”, “take an extra 50% off” and my favorite, “3 days only sale starts NOW”. All of these translate to, “PLEASE come into our stores and help us clear out our winter merchandise that’s left over so that we can put out our spring 2011 lines”. This means big savings for us!

Some things to ponder if you decide to take these stores up on their offers over the next few weeks:

 – If you are purchasing an item in a store that says, ” take an additional 40% or 50% off your total purchase”, make sure that’s exactly what the cashier does for you.  Sometimes, the register does not automatically take the reductions off of the prices and you are left wondering how much you really saved. My advice? Do some quick math before you get to the register and figure out approximately what your total will be. If your items ring up for more, challenge the cashier and more than likely he or she will adjust for you.

 – When strolling through the aisle of your favorite clothing store, look for items that are classic, not trendy. If you are buying a “faddish” item at the end of its season, chances are it will be totally out of style by next winter. Then you are not even saving money, you are wasting money! So skip that pair of skinny jeans…wide leg jeans/trousers are totally in for spring/summer 2011. My advice? Go for the more traditional pieces that can be mixed and matched for years to come.  Think cardigans, corduroys, black pants, boyfriend blazers…items that can make endless outfits if paired correctly.

Some sales that I think are worth the trip: Banana Republic, LOFT, The Gap, Talbots, J Crew…so many others, but that should keep us all busy for a while!

Happy shopping 🙂