Another DIY T-Shirt Upcycle

I love the feel of cotton jersey t-shirts, but alas, some of them end up in the back of my drawer because of a stubborn stain that I just can’t get out. But that doesn’t mean that it needs to be the death of the tee – here’s another way to upcycle that comfy shirt and get more wear out of it.

The T-Shirt Bracelet

1. Cut three strips off of the tee, equal length…then put a stitch or two at the tops of the strips to hold them together (You can add a piece of embroidery thread here too for some extra color & texture)


2. Gently pull on all three pieces so that the material curls up slightly


3. Start braiding the t-shirt strips together – if you’ve added embroidery thread just braid it with one of the jersey strips


4. After you’ve braided the strips, figure out what length works for your wrist and then cut the excess material off


5. Secure the two braided ends with a stitch or two just to hold together


6. Take a scrap piece of the tee and wrap around the ends of the braid, then stitch up and invert the scrap piece so that the stitches are now on the inside and not visible…You can add a dab of hot glue to further secure the braided ends of the bracelet underneath the scrap covering







And you can make the bracelets thinner or thicker depending on how wide you cut your strips of fabric in step 1. This is really a very basic t-shirt idea but it can be jazzed up with beading, zippers, chains, etc…

Happy t-shirt upcycling…again!












Semi-Annuals Are Here!

Ahh, this time of the year is like Christmas for some of us…the sales are THE BEST that they’re ever going to be and if you’re a savvy shopper you can score some major deals. A lot of brands are advertising sales at this particular time of the month but take a closer look at their actual sales. The stores that are giving an extra % off are where you are going to make out like a bandit. Right now LOFT is taking an extra 40% off their sale items, Saks is in the middle of their consolidation sale and Anthropologie just added 300 “fresh cuts” to their sale racks.

I think a great way to stay within budget during this time of sale frenzy is to really be on the lookout for specific pieces that you need for your wardrobe – pieces that are classic and will last into next fall/winter. It’s pointless to purchase a trendy, faddish item at a great price and never end up wearing it. Sales can be luring, wooing you to buy, but try to stay focused on the task at hand – classic pieces at a killer price.