A few of my favorite things!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Let’s be thankful together!

A short list of thanksgiving (in no particular order):

1) This coat. Oh my gosh! This coat! This coat!

2) Stuffing. I have stuffing once a year, and I look forward to indulging it in its deliciousness the other 364 days.

3) I own this wrap dress in charcoal grey & can’t wait for the concord purple to go on sale. This year, I’m especially thankful that Banana Republic created the most perfect faux-wrap dress.

4) I’m grateful for the unfailing delight of my God: “…as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will your God rejoice over you.” Isaiah 62:5b

Happy, HAPPY Thanksgiving! What are YOU thankful for?


2 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things!

  1. i am thankful for so many things…but i will save you guys from torture and narrow it down to my top 5! =)

    1) I am SO thankful to God for saving me, and for giving me an AMAZING family and the bestest friends i could EVER ask for

    2) I am thankful for my zebra printed snuggie. dont make fun…either you secretly have one and want to keep it a secret (WHICH YOU SHOULDNT!)-or your just jealous 😉 haha

    3) I am thankful for Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla Heath Bar ice cream-LEGIT

    4) I am thakful for music. Im not a fan of every genre of music, but if it wasnt for music – i really do not know what i would do.

    5) I am also thankful for willow smith coming out with her GENIUS song “i whip my hair.” trust me…on a day when i’m in a bad mood or feel crappy, i just starting singing it (out loud or in my head) and do my little ‘whip my hair’ dance. and yes people may think your INSANE…but you’ll feel great! TRY IT! =)

    I hope you all have a fabulous thanksgiving!
    God Bless! xo

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