The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Emmy’s

Here’s a quick rundown of our fav’s at the Emmy’s – along with those we wouldn’t have chose and the one that we downright loathe.

Let’s get some bad choices out-of-the-way first. Katie Holmes. Oh Katie, you are so pretty, so sophisticated. Why oh why would your stylist choose this Calvin Klein number for you? In our opinion this simplistic dress made Katie’s shoulders look completely disproportionate to the rest of her body. The fit around the neck and shoulder area was all wrong…nice color, though!


Up next on the chopping block – Gwyneth. Gwyneth Paltrow chose an Emilio Pucci black lace, 2-piece dress that looked like, well, like it was chopped in half. We just don’t get it. A 2-piece? That adjective should be used when describing a bathing-suit, not an evening gown, in our opinion. At least not this one – it just doesn’t do it for us, sorry Gwynnie.

Ok, our very LEAST favorite of the night – Drew Barrymore. She opted to don a Givenchy dress that had some type of mesh – fringe marriage going on with the lower half of the gown. The pick did NOTHING for her figure and was completely bizarre, altogether! What’s with the Christmas tree design on the top?? Weird.

ok, now that THAT is over – our favs of the night! First up – Evan Rachel Wood in this stunning black Salvatore Ferragamo. She looked absolutely flawless in this glitzy number and worked the Old Hollywood-look perfectly.

We love this Marchesa choice by Lea Michelle. Its bold yet completely feminine and sophisticated. We adore the shoulders of this gown – red roses!

Last but certainly not least is this completely lovely, navy, lace Dior gown worn by Minka Kelly. We love the perfect fit on her and think that the lace truly compliments her personal style. Well done to all three of our lovely ladies!

Just a thought: all of these beautiful ladies look absolutely stunning in their choices. They didnt have to wear a plunging neckline or expose unnecessary body parts to get any attention! Just goes to show that you dont need to “bare it all” to look fab!


Pack It Up

I recently returned from a family vacation that was truly restful and relaxing. I really enjoy traveling – I mean, who doesn’t, right? But I mean, I really enjoy the whole process. I love the planning, scoping out the great deals, finding the restaurants and above all – I LOVE packing for the upcoming experience. Whether it’s a few days in a big city or a week at a beach there are a couple of packing rules that I try to live by. Trust me, I’ve come to embrace these rules the hard way – yes, I was that women that you wanted to murder in the airport line. I was hovered over my suitcase trying to catch runaway bras as I tried to lighten my load. Yes, the 50 lbs. luggage weight limit got me again. 50 lbs? Please, my shoes and handbags weighed in at just about that! Over the years my packing abilities have really blossomed and my focus has narrowed in scope. Here’s a little of my play-by-play before the big day:

  1. Where am I going? I think about my destination thoroughly (and research it if necessary). Canadian excursion? Beach trip? European tour? Cruise? Big city visit? After my decision is made I try to visualize myself there!
  2. When am I going? What season will it be at my destination? This will decide if I’m bringing a light sweater for the evenings or a head-to-toe down jacket to keep warm.
  3. What will I be doing? This probably takes up the majority of my thinking when planning for my trip. Packing for a hiking trip is obviously different from packing for a week at the beach.
  4. Who am I going with? Is this a work trip or a vacation with family? My wardrobe will vary accordingly
  5. How am I getting there? What type of transportation? Train, plane, car or boat? Comfort is key here.

Ok, let’s go with the family beach trip theme. Hmm, lets raise the stakes and stay at the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua, Hawaii for the week. Hey, this is a blog – we can stay wherever we want to! 🙂 I know that I will be at the beach (hopefully) every day of the vacation, probably with casual buffet breakfasts in the morning, poolside lunches and a few nice dinners. Ok! Ready? Now, I need to pack a fantastic wardrobe, stay under my 50 lbs. limit while still being practical with my clothing choices. Here we go:

–         Underwear, undergarments and light sleepwear

–          4 or 5 bathing suits, because I will be in them all day, every day

–          3 or 4 cover ups, same as above

–          2 casual dresses, but ones that I can dress up or down…ones that I could wear to breakfast or dinner (tons from Anthropologie that I adore)

–          1 pair of linen trousers

–          1 light sweater to pair over tops or dresses

–          1 pair of neutral shorts

–          4 or 5 tops and 1 tank, ones that will match with both my pants and shorts, my tank should work with all my tops

–          Flip flops, silver sandals, gold sandals, lightweight sneakers and 1 pair of heels

–          1 metallic handbag (I know, I know, but you can do it!)

–          A few light accessories – scarves, belts, sunnies or pins

That’s it! Now, I try to really strategize at the airport…I wear a comfortable outfit made up of some pieces that I will be wearing on vacation. I wear slip on shoes too so that the security process is quick and painless. I remember sitting down after a security check and literally spending about 10 minutes trying to get my strappy shoes back on (multiple buckles and zippers! Nightmare!) I pack on the jewelry – that is, the jewelry that I am going to wear with all my vaca-outfits. I love costume jewelry so my pieces tend to be heavy – so instead of packing them, I wear some of them. I also figure out what the heaviest things are that I’m bringing and get them into my carry-on so that my checked bags will not go over the dreaded weight limit. Jewelry case, makeup case, shoes and books usually come with me in my carry on. Well, at this point we’re practically oceanside at the Ritz! Remember, pack light, let there be a theme to your wardrobe so that your choices go with one another; then you can mix and match. Pick out some great jewelry pieces that with kick your outfits up to the next level. Above all, don’t get stressed over packing – remember, big picture, you will be relaxing with the people you love, that’s most important! See ya poolside! 🙂

The Morning Rush

Ok, let’s talk morning. Ugh, morning. I am NOT a morning person. Total night owl – which can lead to utterly horrid mornings. Well, at least they used to be horrid. I started incorporating a couple of practices into my life that really have helped me get out the door on time without looking like I’ve just rolled out of my Tempurpedic. My biggest and most helpful life change: PREP. Yes, prep work the night before. It has revamped about my mornings. No longer am I peeking at the alarm clock while rationalizing the idea that if I skip breakfast I can lounge in bed for 10 more glorious minutes. Totally unhealthy – for mind and body!

Here’s how my evening/morning schedule have evolved:

  1. I pick out my outfit the night before work (or whatever the morning outing is). This is CRUCIAL. I cannot tell you how many minutes I used to waste in the morning putting outfits together, pondering, changing my mind, changing an outfit because of a missing button, etc.
  2. After my outfit is picked out, I try it on – all of it. Skirt, tank, cardy, belt and heels. I like to do a total try on so I can make sure everything is fitting into its home easily and properly…we don’t want loose body parts hanging out of areas we’d rather not see! I then cross my legs, reach for the sky and bend over. If the outfit passes the C.B.R. tests then the outfit is approved for the next step. If not, then Spanx comes to the rescue.  🙂 What did we do before them?
  3. I iron every part of my outfit (if it needs it) the night before, as well. I LOVE Rowenta…great brand, great products – check them out here. After everything is crisp I put it back on hangers in my closet along with my belt, shoes, jewelry and any other accessories. This may seem like a little much but I firmly believe in prepping as much as you can the night before to avoid wardrobe malfunctions, scouring the floor for that missing earring stud and inevitably running ridiculously late.  
  4. After my outfit is set I then do a quick run down of the things I’ll need in the morning and just make sure I have them around. This consists of making sure there are clean towels in the bathroom, ample soap/body wash in the shower and something quick for me to make and eat before leaving the house.

This may sound like a lot of work but I now have it down to a science! It takes me about a total of 15 minutes. 15 minutes of my life at night that saves me “who knows” how much time the next morning. It’s also a really great stress reliever to know that my mornings are not going to involve flying clothes because I can’t find that tank top! Yes, you know the one! It fits just right. Ahh, hectic-free mornings. That’s my goal. I’m not there yet but I am definitely making strides towards it! Hope these tips help to de-stress your mornings!

What practices do you incorporate into your evening/morning routines that you can’t live without?

What’s stuck in the back of your closet?

Ahhh, settled in my new abode and I can now finally walk inside my walk-in closet. It’s the little things. I spent a few days going through my clothes, organizing the closet and getting it just the way I wanted it. A couple of times I shrieked “ahh, I’ve been looking for you!” to a pair of pants or a missing cardy stuck in the corner. I also took the time to make a pile of items that were missing buttons, needed hemming or some other adjustment. I also tried on some pre-baby outfits and yeah, they fit again! (Well, most of them!) I came across some older sweaters that had snags in them and because of the imperfections I always end up tossing them to the “back of the bus”. It’s a shame because some of them are “go-to’s” and staple pieces. Well, I did a quick search on Real Simple’s website and found a few videos that helped me to repair and restore my pieces pretty easily. Check them out, hopefully they will help you pull out some oldies but goodies from your closet, too. Happy mending! 🙂

Fixing a sweater snag

Re-shaping cuffs

Ink stain removal

Going a little deeper with this idea…thinking about mistakes I’ve made in life,  things that I wish I could re-do (or undo) – some snags, if you will. It makes me smile to think that God didn’t throw me in the back of His closet just because I messed up…He always gives second chances…He repairs and restores all things! What a peaceful thought!