STOP: do NOT throw out that T-shirt! Upcycle it!

I am slightly gitty about the ways that I have learned to take an old tee and turn it into something (or multiple things!) absolutely fabulous! Here it is, worn out T-shirt into uber-chic pillow:

Take an old t-shirt, preferably with something written or pictured across the front. Place it on a large workspace and smooth out the surface. Mark a square out with fabric chalk – however big you want your pillow to be . Then make another square inside of the large square – about a 3″ line  from the sides and 2 1/2″ from the top and bottom of the shirt. Then cut the large square out, careful to cut BOTH the top and bottom layer of the tee. Keep it flat on your work surface.

Then take your scissors and cut 1 ” indents from the outside of the square to the inside, marked square – all the way around and through both layers. You can cut the corners off.

Now, keeping the two layers together, start tying each top and bottom coordinating 1″ strip.

Tie 3 sides and then slide an old pillow through the top or fill with stuffing.

Then finish tying off the top of the pillow and make sure all ties are secure.

There you have it!

Your no sew t-shirt pillow! SO cute! Check out mine below, perfect for my theatre/sports memorabilia room.

And for all of you wondering about that bottom piece of the t-shirt that you cut off…uh huh, keep that, too! You can make them into ultra fabulous infinity scarves!

I hope you try this totally easy way to make something so cool out of…almost nothing. What a great gift idea, eh? (You could BUY a new t-shirt if you’re thinking gift item!) I may have gotten carried away here…and my husband may be searching for some of his fave t-shirts. Oops. Happy t-shirt-hunting! 🙂



Steal a Deal this January

Ahhhh… we can finally all breathe and once again see our carpeting that was hidden underneath crumpled wrapping paper, tinsel and empty cardboard boxes. Our houses are back to normal, decorations are down, put away and yes, we have survived another lovely holiday season with family and friends.

And just when you thought you could NEVER shop again, yes, the time has come! These next two or three weeks offer us, as consumers, irresistible deals wherever you look. If you are in a mall or driving past a store you will now start seeing flashy signs such as “semi-annual clearance”, “take an extra 50% off” and my favorite, “3 days only sale starts NOW”. All of these translate to, “PLEASE come into our stores and help us clear out our winter merchandise that’s left over so that we can bust out our spring 2012 lines”. This means big savings for us!

Some things to ponder if you decide to take these stores up on their offers over the next few weeks:

 – If you are purchasing an item in a store that says, ” take an additional 40% or 50% off your total purchase”, make sure that’s exactly what the cashier does for you.  Sometimes, the register does not automatically take the reductions off of the prices and you are left wondering how much you really saved. My advice? Do some quick math before you get to the register and figure out approximately what your total will be. If your items ring up for more, challenge the cashier and more than likely he or she will adjust for you.

 – When strolling through the aisle of your favorite clothing store, look for items that are classic, not trendy. If you are buying a “faddish” item at the end of its season, chances are it will be totally out of style by next winter. Then you are not even saving money, you are wasting money! So skip that pair of skinny jeans…wide leg jeans/trousers are totally in for spring/summer 2011. My advice? Go for the more traditional pieces that can be mixed and matched for years to come.  Think cardigans, corduroys, black pants, boyfriend blazers…items that can make endless outfits if paired correctly.

Some sales that I think are worth the trip: Banana Republic, LOFT, The Gap, Talbots, J Crew…so many others, but that should keep us all busy for a while! I visited Banana, LOFT and The Gap today and got some pretty amazing items for UNDER $10. Uhm, yes – ridiculous!

Happy shopping 🙂