MODgrls has become an absolute love of mine over the years – more than a love, I guess you could say it feels like a calling. The goal of MODgrls is to inspire women of all ages to understand that they ARE amazing when they are comfortable in their own skin.

God has created each and every one of us with a different body type, unique features and distinctive specifications – so why do we all think we can dress the same way? The key is to dress for YOUR body type – not for the unrealistic body type of an airbrushed model. There is also a misperception that women have to “bare it all” to be viewed as sexy or attractive to men – we debunk those mindsets here and prove that modest is totally MOD!

How can we accomplish that? Its our journey together, as we research different brands, styles and trends we will figure out which are best for YOU.

MODgrls is fresh.fashionable.fabulous, and we believe you are too!

With a passion for fashion,



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Faith-
    I put your blog as a favorite and now find myself checking to see if you’ve written a new, enlightening & entertaining piece…today’s features are great! Love the ruffle sleeve tank @ Old Navy. I just may have to order a few. Thanks for the tip!!

  2. Hey Faith! Damon here,your concept is awseome!! and I wish much fullfilment and sucess! I would like to see a line of fashionable “outdoor wear” for young urban kids!..checkout this woman and girls line, called “Fisher Girl” Raquel loves this line. Anything we can do to help you spread your mission please let us know! It takes alot to step outside of the box and create a concept from scratch and your dreams,stick to it and stay true to the reasons for why you started this vision!

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