As an image consultant, I have talked to many women who just cant seem to find “anything that fits them.” They have grown to hate shopping because they get easily frustrated when the perfect fit just doesn’t come that easily. You can alleviate all of that stress and aggravation by just understanding and embracing your true shape!

Here’s how I can help:

  • 1:1 Body analysis consultations
  • Personal color analysis
  • Shopping guides
  • Closet overhauls
  • Fashion makeovers

As a public speaker, I am also passionate about talking with young women about the importance of dressing the way you want to be treated – at home, in relationships and in the workplace.

Available discussion topics include but are not limited to:

  • Staying modest in a modern world
  • Building a wardrobe with staying power
  • Combatting the media’s sexualization of females
  • Bringing sophistication back to a Kardashian generation

The purpose of MODgrls is to encourage girls to embrace the world of fashion while always remaining true to themselves and their values. It is my goal to assist a generation of young women appreciate the bodies that God has created for them and to live a healthy lifestyle that allows them to glow inwardly and shine outwardly.

Contact information for services listed above, pricing available upon request:

Faith Rim, Image Consultant


phone: 973.216.7596



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