Stuff My Stocking

Well, shoppers – 13 days left for you to purchase those perfect gifts for your loved ones and friends. The holidays just seem to creep up on us every single year, no? Every year in October I repeat a mantra to myself …I will be done shopping by December 1…and, uh, every year, I do not even BEGIN until December 1. Oh well, I guess as long as the shopping is done by the 25th we’ve completed a major accomplishment!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE stocking stuffers- I would rather get smaller gifts in my stocking than one big gift…I’ve always been that way! What has been your favorite stocking gift that you have given or received? If you still have a “stuffer” on your list that you need to buy for here are some of my top picks with a little help from some of my favorite sites and stores.

1. Love this Knotty Ring, $14 from

Knotty Ring

2. The Little Dictionary of Fashion Book, $19.95 from


3. Kate Spade Hello IPhone Case, $40 from


4. Precision Cutter, $6.99 from

5. Cabledrop Cord Clips, $9.99 for 6 from

6. Tipping Teacups, $20 from

Tipping Teacup

7. Glitter Case, $22.50 from 


Glitter case for iPhone 4

8. Painted Amaryllis Measuring Cups, $38.00 from

Painted Amaryllis Measuring Cups

Oh, the possibilities are endless when talking of stocking stuffers…hope you get inspired by this little list and maybe pick up one of these for yourself! 😉


All I Want for Christmas Is…

Every year I tell my husband that I don’t need any gifts for Christmas. Every year. Then right around this time, uhm, every year, I start backtracking and throwing out little hints to him about some of the things that I NEED (aka want) this holiday season. My list seems to grow as the ultimate gift-giving day creeps closer but here are a few of my “must haves” right now.

1. Sweater Boots Socks / Legwarmers: totally obsessed with these this fall/winter! I think I will be making my own out of some old sweaters but if you’re not up for that project you can find some at Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom’s and many other retailers but here are a few of my faves from Pinterest:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

2. Ankle Boots: So many to choose from! Here are some that can be versatile for most of your wardrobe:

A fab pair from Anthropologie:

Cableknit Booties

Nordstrom loveliness here:!/stores/

Pinned Image

And last but not least, Coach classiness:

Pinned Image

3. Winter Shorts: love these as you can dress them up with textured tights and trendy ankle boots or to-the-knee boots or even over-the-knee boots.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

4. Bangles – uhm, because a girl can never have too many of these 🙂

Tory Burch hinged lovelies

Pinned Image

Burberry Color block in Peacock

Pinned Image

Hermes stacked bangles

Pinned Image

Well, this is my short list – whats on yours? Do tell!