Why I Love Jersey (the material…not the state)

So, I have somewhat of an affinity to jersey. I mean, how could you not love jersey? It’s so workable, so pliable that I continue to rack my brain to think of new ways to try to use this versatile, comfy fabric. So here’s the latest. My daughter recently attended a kids event where she received and wore a tie-dye t-shirt with the name and date of the event on it. Being the fashionista that I am..ehm, I mean that she is, she probably wont be wearing that t-shirt again unless using it to play around the house in. Well, I was trying to think of a better way to utilize this pretty cool and colorful jersey tee and here’s what I came up with. Being in her queen phase lately…no, not princess, queen – my daughter has something on her head or in her hair at every moment of the day. So I decided to take some of her plain headbands and kick them up a notch. Here’s what I did:

1. Lay the t-shirt on a flat area and start cutting it into 1-inch strips. When you have the desired amount of material take the strips and cut them so they are separated from each other (they will be big circles because you cut the front and back of the shirt together).


2. Then pull the strips individually so that they curl up, go ahead, give them a good yank…

3. Then cut the strips further to your desired length (I cut mine into 3’s from the one long strip, about 4″ to 5″ each)


4. Now gather as many curled strips of jersey as you need (I used 6 to 7 per headband) and secure them to the headband by tying them with another curled strip (you could cut this one a bit thinner so that it ties tightly)



5. Ta da! You have a one-of-a-kind colorful, tie-dyed headband for your little one! Oh, and this took like 10 minutes! No gluing, no sewing just tying!

And the possibilities are endless! Gather up the strips, tie and place a pin on the back and you have a cute accessory for a shirt or jacket. Braid the strips and make into a bracelet…or gather up the large circles of material (before you cut them to separate) and pull on them making them a fun necklace. Great for summer!

P.S. Just for the record I do love “Jersey” too! How could I not? I live there!! Ay Oh… ūüôā






Summer Fashion in One Word: COLOR

This season we are seeing some pretty great combinations of colors from so many different brands. No longer do we see one color that has that “bam” factor in an outfit – we see it paired with other vibrant¬†colors for a double or triple¬†pop. Now, how to decide which hues to¬†put together? Well, that’s¬†the fun part! I’ve really been trying lately to go outside of my comfort zone (ie, gray, gray and more gray) and embrace color, color, color for summer. It’s amazing how great you feel in something bright and fun, too!

¬†If you don’t know where to start here’s a little help from our color wheel…remember, the colors that are opposite one another on the wheel are complimentary and look fabulous together.¬† For example, today I paired a purple blouse with a green-yellow cardigan – I love it! So vibrant and alive! I brought it together with gold accessories and multi-colored rings.










Here are some other pics to inspire your color pairing!

Peach & Green

Pinned Image

Pink & Yellow

Pinned Image

Blue & Green

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All things wood…

A friend of mine¬†on twitter @forheavensbake LOVES¬†all things¬†wooden. Side note – she runs a fantastic cupcake business and her red velvet¬†really¬†is THE BEST. I digress. Back to wood¬†– she has totally gotten me¬†to join¬†the wood bandwagon and lately I’ve been scouring stores looking for interesting wood pieces that I can accessorize outfits with. I found some fabulous treats on Etsy¬†from some amazing artisans – such beautiful work here. If you’re looking to get back in touch with nature and need some hand-crafted goodness for your summer¬†wardrobe – look no further!¬†

Love this bangle:

Wood Bangle -Wooden Bracelet - Size Small - Amazing Grain - Square Rounded Wooden Jewellery - Canada - Sustainable - Green - Sapwood - Sumac

Beaded necklace: 

 Wooden Beads Spring. Handmade wooden jewelry.

Reminds me of a black & white cookie, which I LOVE…unique earrings: Wood Earrings - Ready to Ship - Rectangle -  Wooden Jewelry - Earthy  - Black wood - Contrast - Black Beige - Contemporary

Summer Braids (go ahead, you know you want to)

Braids can get a bad wrap – when I look back of pictures of myself in braids, I am, well, kinda dorky looking. However, over the last few seasons braids have come back with a bang! Not just the usual french braid or pony braid but all sorts of interesting and absolutely stunning looks. See which¬†look could be right for your hair this summer – a braid is such a great way to keep your¬†locks out of your face while maintaining that styled, fresh¬†look you’re going for. I particularly love¬†creating some sort of braid in my hair if I’m going to the beach so that I don’t look like a hot mess by the end of the day. If braids scare you, I suggest that you check out some¬†online tutorials¬†( there are some great ones out there) and play around with some looks – you may just find one that you fall in love with! Here are some of my fave looks for the summer:

Braids upon braids – http://pinterest.com/pin/108508672242288398/

braid + braid + braid = cute

Soft and subtle – http://pinterest.com/pin/187603140698037603/

Braid to Braid

Great for the beach – http://pinterest.com/pin/193584483952935919/

Braid a braid into a braid

To the Max

Well, that warm weather is here and it is just calling for some maxi dresses. For me, they are just the perfect fit for summertime. So easy and breezy – light and fun. You can be so creative with how you accesorize them, as well. Maybe add a structured blazer or cardigan on top, a great belt and some fabulous jewelry and you have one styled look for these hot, upcoming months. Here are a few that I found on Pinterest (my new fave go-to site!) that I adore, what do you think? Happy maxing!

Bold colors this season – http://pinterest.com/pin/257901516131160930/

LOVE the stripes – http://pinterest.com/pin/257197828689424900/

Pinned Image

Pockets!! A MUST have – http://pinterest.com/pin/118289927682736976/

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The jacket pulls this look together – http://pinterest.com/pin/175921929163651112/

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