Must-Haves Accessories for Fall – Under $100

We are now in it – that crisp air, those early morning brisk walks to the car – yes, fall has arrived in all of its glory. As those glorious months of summer are now in the past I do find myself searching for that chunky, cozy scarf, that oversized sweater, leggings and riding boots. Now THAT is fall! I think investing in a few, neutral, classic accessories is not only smart for this season but for seasons to come. The pieces that are below are not only timeless – they are within budget, all under $100! (ok, the sunnies are right at the $100 mark…) You will get so much use and wear out of these items because they can be matched with so much of your wardrobe – versus trendy pieces that really only go with certain outfits. What are your fall must-haves? What are you most looking forward to wearing as the cold weather creeps up on us? Here’s a little more info on the fabulous accessories in my fall picks:
1. Leith Mixed Media Infinity Scarf, Nordstrom, $28
2. Michael Kors Tortoise Shell Bangle, Macys, $95
3. Fendi sunglasses, Amazon, $100
4. Sweater socks, Free People, $20
5. Classic length leather gloves, Lord & Taylor, $60
6. Wool felt fedora, Sole Society, $40
7. All the above accessories will thank you for purchasing this one – keep your skin and lips looking and feeling great with this Burt’s Bees kit, Debenhams, $21
Must-Have Fall Accessories

Are You A Diamond?

Diamond Body Type

Sally lapointe
$3,650 –

Michael kor

Dolce & Gabbana ballet shoes
$270 –

Gold jewelry
$24 –

Michael kor

Tory burch

Diane Von Furstenberg Green Derah Blouse

Diane von Furstenberg

Just a short post with the help of polyvore for all you Diamonds out there – if you are diamond-shaped (your waist is larger than the bust and hips) here’s a great set for you. Style tip: balance your bottom half by adding interest and volume to your top half – that could be through a ruffled top, a structured colored jacket or a killer necklace. And not for anything, but that mint DVF top is pretty amazing! 🙂

Never Too Early for Nautical

Who doesnt love Polyvore? Its like a candy store for fashion lovers!

Here’s an early spring ensemble with a nautical flair…

Welcome to Polyvore!


My Advice: avoid looking like a hot mess

“Are you feeling okay?” My coworker uttered the four dreaded words. These four seemingly innocent words serve as a reminder of why it’s never acceptable to roll out of bed and head out the door. I chuckled and replied that I felt fine, but made a mental note to put a bit more effort into my appearance the next day. She looked unconvinced, but accepted my reply. However, before exiting my office she grilled me one more time, “Are you SURE you’re not sick? You look really pale.”

Let my embarrassment and shame-filled day stand as a warning; you CAN control people’s perception of you! While obsessing about the external is not healthy, it is important to convey a poised, self-respecting image. On that fateful morning I was telling my colleagues that I belonged home, in bed with a cold tablet and some orange juice. If I had invested only ten minutes—thrown on a necklace, a pair of black dress pants, and applied some concealer—I could have made a statement of preparedness and enthusiasm for my job, instead of one of illness and exhaustion.

As you work on the internal, on becoming the best you, let your exterior shine forth your amazing potential. And unless you really are sick (in which case, go back to bed!), don’t follow my example; avoid going out in public looking like you have swine flu. Ten extra minutes could change the destiny of your day!

Go Vintage

During some recent travel I was reminded of a fashion faux pas that I (unfortunately) see time and time again. Ever been on a vacation that you simply just did want to forget? Traveled to a far away place that seemed like heaven and you did want to leave? Instead of selling all your possessions and moving to that lavish island or fabulous city you settled for purchasing that t-shirt. Yes, the one that has the name of the location that you were just in plastered across the front of it. It is usually prefixed with an “I LOVE ____” so that everyone who passes by can see that yes, you are in love with Washington DC, or Aruba or wherever. We all know that after we return home from our adventures, unpack our suitcases and get ready to do a couple of loads of laundry we are faced with that t-shirt purchase. As we stare at it and wonder “what in the world was I thinking?” we all know that the t-shirt will never don our bodies again. Yes, we even wash it and have good intentions of wearing it but really, c’mon, are you going to sport that “ALOHA” tee in public? We all know that we wont, we just wont. So it was basically a waste of our hard-earned money.

Here’s another approach to remembering that trip or vacation. I recently was in Chicago and did a little due-diligence (and by that I mean spending 3 minutes googling on my blackberry) to find a vintage clothing store in the area where I was staying. To my pleasant surprise there was an amazing little boutique about 3 blocks over from my hotel. On the last day of my trip I ventured over to the store and spent about an hour flipping through the racks and trying on some pretty amazing pieces. Although I REALLY wanted to score that dreamy cream Chanel dress,  the $1200 price tag was a tad much for me…so I searched a little more and found this really cute army-green stretchy belt with a gorgeous, shiny gold buckle that I had to have! Price: $28. Now that’s a piece that I have worn several times and every time I put it on I think of that awesome trip to Chicago. So when traveling, lose the cheezy t-shirt and search out that great vintage store that just may have the perfect article that keeps you remembering your travel experience for years to come.

Oh, and if you’re ever in Chicago remember to check out Sofia’s Vintage!

Christmas in September

If you’re like me, your closet isn’t exactly big enough to hold all of your summer and winter clothes. So every April and every September we go through the tedious task of switching over our seasonal wardrobes.  (Unless you have the privilege of living in San Diego where it’s 75 degrees year-round! Yes, we hate you all and are insanely jealous of the perfect hair weather you get to enjoy day in and day out!)  Sorry, I digressed. Ok back to the changing of the guards.  This can be a daunting job for sure but doing this early in the season can actually save you some money down the road. I make it a practice to go through my fall/winter clothes right after Labor Day…even if it’s still warm and sunny outside. It gives me a chance to check out what I still have from last fall and a few falls ago.  I often shriek with delight when I see an item that I forgot about or a fabulous steal that I purchased at the end of the season that I stored away and havent worn yet. I hold it up in the mirror and try it on…it is exactly what I wanted! Yes, it is just like Christmas! Only you bought this present for yourself! As I sit and relish in my new, warmer, fuzzier clothes this week I am actually saving money and time. Many of us go right out and start shopping in August for the newest fall must-haves and spend a fortune on items that we may already own or have something extremely similar to. By going through your wardrobe BEFORE you go shopping you can assess your arsenal and then purchase the pieces that you really feel you need.  Like those gray suede booties you are salivating over…

Here’s a gorgeous pair from Banana Republic that just might be worth the splurg…after all, it’s Christmas. 🙂