Why I Love Jersey (the material…not the state)

So, I have somewhat of an affinity to jersey. I mean, how could you not love jersey? It’s so workable, so pliable that I continue to rack my brain to think of new ways to try to use this versatile, comfy fabric. So here’s the latest. My daughter recently attended a kids event where she received and wore a tie-dye t-shirt with the name and date of the event on it. Being the fashionista that I am..ehm, I mean that she is, she probably wont be wearing that t-shirt again unless using it to play around the house in. Well, I was trying to think of a better way to utilize this pretty cool and colorful jersey tee and here’s what I came up with. Being in her queen phase lately…no, not princess, queen – my daughter has something on her head or in her hair at every moment of the day. So I decided to take some of her plain headbands and kick them up a notch. Here’s what I did:

1. Lay the t-shirt on a flat area and start cutting it into 1-inch strips. When you have the desired amount of material take the strips and cut them so they are separated from each other (they will be big circles because you cut the front and back of the shirt together).


2. Then pull the strips individually so that they curl up, go ahead, give them a good yank…

3. Then cut the strips further to your desired length (I cut mine into 3’s from the one long strip, about 4″ to 5″ each)


4. Now gather as many curled strips of jersey as you need (I used 6 to 7 per headband) and secure them to the headband by tying them with another curled strip (you could cut this one a bit thinner so that it ties tightly)



5. Ta da! You have a one-of-a-kind colorful, tie-dyed headband for your little one! Oh, and this took like 10 minutes! No gluing, no sewing just tying!

And the possibilities are endless! Gather up the strips, tie and place a pin on the back and you have a cute accessory for a shirt or jacket. Braid the strips and make into a bracelet…or gather up the large circles of material (before you cut them to separate) and pull on them making them a fun necklace. Great for summer!

P.S. Just for the record I do love “Jersey” too! How could I not? I live there!! Ay Oh… 🙂






STOP: do NOT throw out that T-shirt! Upcycle it!

I am slightly gitty about the ways that I have learned to take an old tee and turn it into something (or multiple things!) absolutely fabulous! Here it is, worn out T-shirt into uber-chic pillow:

Take an old t-shirt, preferably with something written or pictured across the front. Place it on a large workspace and smooth out the surface. Mark a square out with fabric chalk – however big you want your pillow to be . Then make another square inside of the large square – about a 3″ line  from the sides and 2 1/2″ from the top and bottom of the shirt. Then cut the large square out, careful to cut BOTH the top and bottom layer of the tee. Keep it flat on your work surface.

Then take your scissors and cut 1 ” indents from the outside of the square to the inside, marked square – all the way around and through both layers. You can cut the corners off.

Now, keeping the two layers together, start tying each top and bottom coordinating 1″ strip.

Tie 3 sides and then slide an old pillow through the top or fill with stuffing.

Then finish tying off the top of the pillow and make sure all ties are secure.

There you have it!

Your no sew t-shirt pillow! SO cute! Check out mine below, perfect for my theatre/sports memorabilia room.

And for all of you wondering about that bottom piece of the t-shirt that you cut off…uh huh, keep that, too! You can make them into ultra fabulous infinity scarves!

I hope you try this totally easy way to make something so cool out of…almost nothing. What a great gift idea, eh? (You could BUY a new t-shirt if you’re thinking gift item!) I may have gotten carried away here…and my husband may be searching for some of his fave t-shirts. Oops. Happy t-shirt-hunting! 🙂


DIY projects that you’ll actually WANT to do

I don’t know about you but sometimes I watch those episodes on HGTV where a couple has gotten themselves into a heap of trouble by trying to rip apart their bathroom BY THEMSELVES and recreate the oasis of their dreams. Half-way through they always seem to need the help of a professional to complete their project, though – duh! I stare at the screen with my head tilted to the right and my eyes wincing…the couple is covered in dust and dirt and surrounded by holed-walls and broken vanities. What in the world possessed them to undertake such a project? Well, each situation is different but something compelled these people to get up and “do it” on their own. I do admire their determination and creativity, though. Sometimes I just feel like doing a project myself because I know EXACTLY what I have in mind and know that no one else is going to finish the project just the way that I envision it. Been there? I came across a few sites this morning that bubble over with creativity and they are DIY projects that are going to be a heck of a lot easier than refinishing your bathroom, I promise. Hold onto your hat (that you knitted yourself, of course) this is going to be good:

1. Want that fabulous black heel you just passed by in the department store but really need it in nude? Thanks to Jeff Silverman you can now create your own shoes…online! Ladies, this is monumental! You pick out your exact color, your exact heel, your exact style – the shoe you always wanted. I know, I know…its almost too much to handle!

2. If you are into one-of-a-kind jewelry then Sheyna is the site for you. Again, you can mix and match ANYTHING here…metals, charms, colors, gems…it is an imaginative dreamland for jewelry lovers. Great gift idea! Also, free shipping on every order – love that.

3. OK, this one is ridiculously cool. With a fab tool from Inmod you now have the ability to design your own pillows and bedding. Totally and utterly outrageous! No more settling for those pillows that match your couch but are so drab – now you can design exactly what you want. Ahh, the age of technology…Oh, these guys offer free shipping, as well.

4. Last and quite possibly the most life changing…custom, made to order swimwear. If you are like me, you DREAD going bathing-suit shopping. I completely loath the idea of shopping for bathing suits because I rarely (if ever) have found a suit that I am totally comfortable in. I am constantly yanking something down or pulling something up. Not anymore, those days are over, never to be seen again. Thank you, Lori Coulter, for creating a business around this ever important purchase for all of us.

So, check out these sites and have a blast creating and designing exactly what’s in that head of yours!