FALL Back in Love

When we were younger we never wanted summer to end. Something has changed as we’ve grown older, though. During these last few weeks of August some of us catch glimpses of that crisp fall air and start desiring the coolness that September brings. If your like me, then its now that you start thinking about some fall essentials that you need to see in your closets. Some trends that will have some staying power this season are: gold, leather, military, winter white and brocade . When you are looking at purchasing these trendy items or others remember to keep YOUR body type in mind – first and foremost. For example, full skirts are everywhere now – in complete opposition to the pencil skirt. I really prefer the look of pencil skirts on my figure – I’m kind of petite and my body could get lost in a full skirt unless it was tailored perfectly and fell above my knees. Also, some amazing heels are necessary to pull off the big skirt look.

Some items on my shopping list this season are: a great khaki trench, a military vest or jacket and a camel satchel. Of course, when I find them for the right price I will post. 🙂

Here’s a link from MSN with a view of how to wear some of these fall trends: http://living.msn.com/style-beauty/fashion/clothes-we-love-for-fall-2012#1

A few pics of some pieces that are inspiring for fall

Pinned Image

Love this color scheme!

Pinned Image

Outerwear Trends

Pinned Image

Love this casual look for the weekend…

Pinned Image

Gold rope necklace

Pinned Image

Chic military look…

Well, as a Proverb says, “To everything there is a season”. The dog days of summer are almost over and the coolness of fall is at our fingertips. Remember when searching for some of these trendy pieces this season, look to buy classic versions that will last you years to come. Happy shopping!



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