Summer Fashion in One Word: COLOR

This season we are seeing some pretty great combinations of colors from so many different brands. No longer do we see one color that has that “bam” factor in an outfit – we see it paired with other vibrant colors for a double or triple pop. Now, how to decide which hues to put together? Well, that’s the fun part! I’ve really been trying lately to go outside of my comfort zone (ie, gray, gray and more gray) and embrace color, color, color for summer. It’s amazing how great you feel in something bright and fun, too!

 If you don’t know where to start here’s a little help from our color wheel…remember, the colors that are opposite one another on the wheel are complimentary and look fabulous together.  For example, today I paired a purple blouse with a green-yellow cardigan – I love it! So vibrant and alive! I brought it together with gold accessories and multi-colored rings.










Here are some other pics to inspire your color pairing!

Peach & Green

Pinned Image

Pink & Yellow

Pinned Image

Blue & Green

Pinned Image


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