All things wood…

A friend of mine on twitter @forheavensbake LOVES all things wooden. Side note – she runs a fantastic cupcake business and her red velvet really is THE BEST. I digress. Back to wood – she has totally gotten me to join the wood bandwagon and lately I’ve been scouring stores looking for interesting wood pieces that I can accessorize outfits with. I found some fabulous treats on Etsy from some amazing artisans – such beautiful work here. If you’re looking to get back in touch with nature and need some hand-crafted goodness for your summer wardrobe – look no further! 

Love this bangle:

Wood Bangle -Wooden Bracelet - Size Small - Amazing Grain - Square Rounded Wooden Jewellery - Canada - Sustainable - Green - Sapwood - Sumac

Beaded necklace

 Wooden Beads Spring. Handmade wooden jewelry.

Reminds me of a black & white cookie, which I LOVE…unique earrings: Wood Earrings - Ready to Ship - Rectangle -  Wooden Jewelry - Earthy  - Black wood - Contrast - Black Beige - Contemporary


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