Summer Braids (go ahead, you know you want to)

Braids can get a bad wrap – when I look back of pictures of myself in braids, I am, well, kinda dorky looking. However, over the last few seasons braids have come back with a bang! Not just the usual french braid or pony braid but all sorts of interesting and absolutely stunning looks. See which look could be right for your hair this summer – a braid is such a great way to keep your locks out of your face while maintaining that styled, fresh look you’re going for. I particularly love creating some sort of braid in my hair if I’m going to the beach so that I don’t look like a hot mess by the end of the day. If braids scare you, I suggest that you check out some online tutorials ( there are some great ones out there) and play around with some looks – you may just find one that you fall in love with! Here are some of my fave looks for the summer:

Braids upon braids –

braid + braid + braid = cute

Soft and subtle –

Braid to Braid

Great for the beach –

Braid a braid into a braid


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