I had been eyeing this olive and brown sweater/blazer from the LOFT for months…literally. I would visit their website an obscene amount of times – always checking on it – $118.00 at full price, making sure it was still there, making sure it was waiting for me. I was like a cheetah ready to pounce on her prey. Then the moment of action came – I received THE email. The email that said all sweaters were on sale for $12.88. I knew I had to act fast and I did. I headed over to my favorite LOFT (the one that always has the largest sale area) and my heart was pounding heavily. I stared blankly at the rows of sweaters – all of them a mere $12.88. I shook my head, “don’t get distracted, ” I commanded. I had to go in for the kill.

Immediately I started thumbing through racks, searching for the infamous sweater. The search became more frantic, more hurried as the sweat began to form on my forehead. (It always seems hotter in the sale aisles, no?) Could I have lost it? Could someone else have bought my sweater? The very thought of it made me race through the racks faster.  Then I saw it. (And the choir-like music played in my head) One olive and brown striped cardigan/blazer left, and it was in my size…it was mine – all mine.







As I quickly brought my findings up to the register I could hardly keep a straight face. I had stalked this sweater for a while now thinking about how it would look with this great pair of jeans I had. My patience had paid off; I knew I was not going to pay $118.00 for this item nor did I think it was even worth that much. However, I gambled that it would still be available and I would be able to purchase it for a fair price. Uh, yes I would call $12.88 fair 🙂 It was a risk I was willing to take and I won! Not only did I bring home this fab sweater but I also found a few other deals that were too good to resist. These items, full price were over $400.00 all together…I paid $44.00 for them all! A great day for me and my wardrobe!

This little experience made me realize that if I could be that patient for a sweater, I should be as patient, no – more patient in other areas of my life. I’m reminded of a verse that says, “let patience have her perfect work in you.” (Yes, patience is a “she”) The reward of my highly discounted frock brought such happiness to me, how much more joy could I experience in my life if I let patience guide it?  Food for thought…while you are flipping through racks at the LOFT to find your perfectly perfect sweater. 🙂


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