Do you eBay?

My family and I have recently moved into a new home, fun times! However, our budget had been nearly wiped out by new floors, painting and counter tops. So we had a lot less money to spend on decor – my fav part! What a bummer! As I was complaining t a friend of mine that we would be eating all of our meals “Japanese style” until we had cash for the gorgeous farm table I was salivating over from Restoration Hardware she asked, “have you tried Ebay?” Ebay? Uhm, no…I don’t do Ebay. Honestly, the thought of scouring through pages of posts and then trying to buy an item from a stranger…well, it kinda scared me. She insisted that I at least try it. She gave me a quick tutorial and before long I was bidding like a madwoman. Tables, drapes, accessories – it was all there, from name brands and MUCH more affordable! What a discovery for me! My poor husband…he would awake suddenly in the middle of the night from my, “oh crap, no! I was outbid!” He just rolled his eyes and covered his head in pillows.

However, this got me thinking – if I can buy housewares here, why not other things…such as, a vintage Gucci doctor’s tote or a piece of LV luggage. Oh yes, folks – this could get dangerous. A whole new world! Presently, my husband is wondering where all our furniture is…uhm, that budget went to Hermes! Ok, ok – I really didn’t blow my entire furniture budget on purses and shoes but it was very tempting. Just thought I would share with you as you may also be gun-shy about Ebay…of course you need to read all posts in detail and check out the sellers thoroughly but so far this has been a pain-free process for me.

Happy bidding! Unless it’s against me! 😉

A pic of the Gucci tote that I lost…I am still mourning over it!




4 thoughts on “Do you eBay?

  1. Like Lisa, I just fluttered in from Twitter too!
    Funny, I was JUST having a conversation with a friend about how so many people are afraid (as I used to be) to buy on eBay. I’ve gone from “I’m afraid” to “Why would I go anywhere else first?” Seriously!
    Great post Faith, glad to connect

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