Still Have to Strut

This weekend I’m going to a wedding for a former roommate, and I’m super, super excited to celebrate her, her incredible man, and to see old friends! It’s going to be great.


I bought this dress in December. I got it on super, super sale from J.Crew. In fact I bought two dresses at the time (one for a fabulous February wedding & one for this coming weekend) and together, with shipping, they cost LESS than either of the dresses’ individual prices. Bargain!


They were Final Sale, which means I can’t return them. And to add insult to injury, I tried the dress on in December, when it arrived, and then tried it on for the second time…last night. Big mistake. BIG mistake. The color is gorgeous. 87% of the cut of the dress is fantastic, and yet there are a few parts that I’ve decided I’m not thrilled with.


I’m using this dress as a test of my own confidence. All the ‘flaws’ that I’m finding with the cut and my body are not going to evaporate before Saturday, and I REFUSE to buy a new dress. So, aside from this little confessional, I’m going to follow my own advice and keep my mouth shut. And above all, I’m going to work it. Besides everyone will be looking at the bride. 😉


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