Just GO with it

Ahh, one of my favorite things to do – plop down on the couch with my chocolate covered raisins from Trader Joe’s and watch the What Not To Wear marathon. Sure, I could spend this time better, but really, I look at it as an intense training session from fashion gurus, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly…so really this falls under the category of “work”. 🙂

If you’ve ever seen the show on TLC then you know that the transformation of every single individual is truly remarkable. It’s amazing how new clothes, a stylish haircut and makeup can change the person’s total attitude and outlook about themselves. They carry themselves completely different by the end of the show, such confidence, such pride – in a good way. A few small changes make the world of difference for most of the candidates. The other day I heard Stacy say something that really made sense…but is hard for me to actually do. She was telling a woman that her new outfits shouldn’t really “match”, they should look like they “go” together, though.  Now, for a person who is new to the fashion world that is quite a statement…I’m not supposed to match?? But think about it – the people who catch your eye on the street or in a store probably don’t have on a purple sweater with a purple belt along with matching purple flats. It’s too much of the same thing…and slightly obnoxious! Instead, when picking out your outfit for the day look for colors in your closet that complement one another. Here is a great color chart that can really help guide your daily picks:

The hues that are opposite each other are complimentary towards each other and look really fabulous together. Think of mixing a purple blouse with a lime piece of jewelry…or a navy blazer with a fantastic red belt. Mixing up outfits like this really shows that you are not afraid to work with color and try something new. This week try and change-up one of your “go-to” outfits with a statement piece that really makes your whole look pop.  Also, play with different textures…mix a soft blouse with a structured jacket or place an open vest over a dress and finish the look with a cute belt. Remember, your style is exactly that, YOURS! So put on what you feel looks best on you! We would love to see some pics of your best “goes-together” outfit!

Also, I think  Anthropologie, The LOFT, The Gap and Banana Republic always do a great job of showing different textures and colors in an outfit – you can get great ideas from their sites.  Have fun!


One thought on “Just GO with it

  1. Love your post today. True. Sometimes I look through a J.Crew catalog and think “I never would have put that together,” but yet I love it. I think trying to “match” prevents us from putting great stylish outfits together. I saw it quoted in a J.Crew catalog “Fashion is what is offered four times a year. Style is what YOU pick out of that fashion…it’s what you make of it once you’ve learned what to accept and ignore based on what looks good on you.” (can you tell I love J.Crew) Here’s to having “style” and ignoring matching rules! Thanks for the Stella & Dot shout out…we do have great outfit makers with our statement pieces.

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