Give Yourself a Pop of Color

Something happens to me at this time of the year. It happens every year, actually. As the crisp days of autumn approach us here in the northeast our days get shorter…and darker. My wardrobe seems to take a hint from the chilly weather and also goes dark. During these next few months, when I enter my closet, its like all I see are grays and blacks. I am drawn to them like peanut butter is drawn to chocolate, like mint chocolate chip ice cream is drawn to a warm waffle cone. Sorry, I digress.  I think the thick grayish clouds inspire me to want to be dressed just as they are…but I can’t wear grays and blacks EVERY day till April, can I? Well no, not without a pop of color. To avoid looking totally goth or appearing like I’m dressed for a funeral everyday I need to inject a bold burst of color into my solemn wardrobe. For this season, I think eggplant, ruby, lime, canary and cobalt blue are some of my favorite wow colors that can really spice up an otherwise boring outfit. These colors can take clothing from totally drab and dull to hip and wow! Take a look at some of these pics, hopefully they will inspire you to jazz up your own wardrobe with some hot pops of color during this season!

A fab clutch by Michael Kors…

Kathryn Kerrigan’s A-mazing ballet flats…


Lime Turquoise necklace from Nordstrom’s – GORG!

Barse Lime Turquoise Necklace

Fantastic Louis belt…in a stunning fuschia-eggplant fusion!

LOVE this Lucas Jack gold and cobalt cuff…

Gold And Blue Cuff Bracelet


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