Office Appropriate?

We’ve all done it. Looked in the mirror while getting dressed for work and asked ourselves, “can I get away with this?” Probably not. If we are trying to jam our bodies into a shirt that’s too small or pants that are too tight and unflattering then, no, its probably not acceptable office attire. “But I hate pant suits! They are so stuffy and masculine!” Ahh, excuses, excuses! I think it’s easier than ever to look fantastic at work because office appropriate-clothes have really morphed over the last decade and what is viewed as acceptable now really has quite a wide range.  However, there are and always will be the purely unacceptable pieces that should never be seen in your work environment. For one, flip flops. Now, dont get me wrong – I love a metallic sandal and the way that they can totally pull an outfit together…but sandals are WAY different than flip flops. Flip flops are for the beach or your backyard lounge chair – thats it! Another “piece” that should never be shown off in the office – your belly. If you have a shirt on that is showing your mid-drift, please, PLEASE change it! Dont try to pull down on it and stretch it out so it seems to almost, sort of, kinda work. Its not worth the embarrassment of your boss seeing your pooch as you reach over to hand him that presentation.

Remember, how you dress reflects how you want to be treated, especially in your place of business. You want to give off the vibe that you are a confident, talented, put-together worker who is ready for any challenges that come your way – not a hippie that walks around with your belly exposed and your loud flip flops flapping against the office floor. Make sure your clothes are sending the right message to your co-workers and employer. Dressing like you actually care about your job can have some very positive effects…wearing pieces that just dont cut it could imply that, well, maybe you dont cut it…not the message we want to send – EVER! So take those extra 10 minutes the night before to pick out your clothes, iron them and try them on to ensure you are comfortable with your picks. A promotion could be right around your corner!

J. Crew is showing some fabulous cardigans and blouses this season. By mixing and matching these (and others like them) with a great pair of trousers or a fabulous skirt, you will ALWAYS be office-appropriate!

Bronzed leopard perfect shirt

Corvara cable cardigan

Merino sequined crochet cardigan


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