The Ugly Cry, my body, and making it all work

The dressing room had bad lighting and cramped quarters, further illuminating my perceived flaws and making all my insecurities seem larger than life. It was there, in that that room amidst piles of dresses and shapewear that I broke down. The full-on, no-holding-back, UGLY CRY happened because I couldn’t seem to find a dress that worked for me. Looking back on the day, I know that I wasn’t trying on dresses that were a good fit for my body, but in the moment I was convinced that I was some freak of nature who’d be forced to walk around naked. What I realized that day, besides the fact that sobbing hysterically doesn’t work with any outfit, is that there is a style for every body. Yes, some of us need to spend more time in the fitting room than others, but with some patience and an understanding of your shape you CAN make most fashions work for you.

One of the reasons I love Shabby Apple, an online clothing store with a really, really cute selection, is that it lets you shop by body type!

After you take a simple, three question quiz Shabby Apple lets you know what your body type is; I’m a pear shape.

Then you’re able to see clothes that are designed for YOUR body type.

My favorite search result is this gorgeous dress! And I promise that when trying it on, I won’t do the ugly cry. 😉 Shopping perfection!

What were your quiz results?


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