Go Vintage

During some recent travel I was reminded of a fashion faux pas that I (unfortunately) see time and time again. Ever been on a vacation that you simply just did want to forget? Traveled to a far away place that seemed like heaven and you did want to leave? Instead of selling all your possessions and moving to that lavish island or fabulous city you settled for purchasing that t-shirt. Yes, the one that has the name of the location that you were just in plastered across the front of it. It is usually prefixed with an “I LOVE ____” so that everyone who passes by can see that yes, you are in love with Washington DC, or Aruba or wherever. We all know that after we return home from our adventures, unpack our suitcases and get ready to do a couple of loads of laundry we are faced with that t-shirt purchase. As we stare at it and wonder “what in the world was I thinking?” we all know that the t-shirt will never don our bodies again. Yes, we even wash it and have good intentions of wearing it but really, c’mon, are you going to sport that “ALOHA” tee in public? We all know that we wont, we just wont. So it was basically a waste of our hard-earned money.

Here’s another approach to remembering that trip or vacation. I recently was in Chicago and did a little due-diligence (and by that I mean spending 3 minutes googling on my blackberry) to find a vintage clothing store in the area where I was staying. To my pleasant surprise there was an amazing little boutique about 3 blocks over from my hotel. On the last day of my trip I ventured over to the store and spent about an hour flipping through the racks and trying on some pretty amazing pieces. Although I REALLY wanted to score that dreamy cream Chanel dress,  the $1200 price tag was a tad much for me…so I searched a little more and found this really cute army-green stretchy belt with a gorgeous, shiny gold buckle that I had to have! Price: $28. Now that’s a piece that I have worn several times and every time I put it on I think of that awesome trip to Chicago. So when traveling, lose the cheezy t-shirt and search out that great vintage store that just may have the perfect article that keeps you remembering your travel experience for years to come.

Oh, and if you’re ever in Chicago remember to check out Sofia’s Vintage!



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