Christmas in September

If you’re like me, your closet isn’t exactly big enough to hold all of your summer and winter clothes. So every April and every September we go through the tedious task of switching over our seasonal wardrobes.  (Unless you have the privilege of living in San Diego where it’s 75 degrees year-round! Yes, we hate you all and are insanely jealous of the perfect hair weather you get to enjoy day in and day out!)  Sorry, I digressed. Ok back to the changing of the guards.  This can be a daunting job for sure but doing this early in the season can actually save you some money down the road. I make it a practice to go through my fall/winter clothes right after Labor Day…even if it’s still warm and sunny outside. It gives me a chance to check out what I still have from last fall and a few falls ago.  I often shriek with delight when I see an item that I forgot about or a fabulous steal that I purchased at the end of the season that I stored away and havent worn yet. I hold it up in the mirror and try it on…it is exactly what I wanted! Yes, it is just like Christmas! Only you bought this present for yourself! As I sit and relish in my new, warmer, fuzzier clothes this week I am actually saving money and time. Many of us go right out and start shopping in August for the newest fall must-haves and spend a fortune on items that we may already own or have something extremely similar to. By going through your wardrobe BEFORE you go shopping you can assess your arsenal and then purchase the pieces that you really feel you need.  Like those gray suede booties you are salivating over…

Here’s a gorgeous pair from Banana Republic that just might be worth the splurg…after all, it’s Christmas. 🙂


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