I was reminded today that yes, in the world of fashion and retail, timing is so important. I never (ok, rarely) go shopping unless I know that a particular store is having a savings event. I make an effort to sign up for email alerts from my favorite clothing stores so that I know exactly when they are doing a 30% off or a buy one-get one sale. The end of July and August are particularly excellent times to find the steals from the recent summer season. Many retailers are promoting up to 40% sale items…that’s huge savings for us! It’s such a great time to find those end of summer deals, wear them once or twice more and then have them fresh and ready to go for next summer. This is where is pays to look for a staple piece that can be worn again and again rather than a trendy style that you will look at next summer and ask yourself, “why in the world did I buy this?”

One of my favorite stores, LOFT, is running a 40% off all sale items today…who knows how long it will last… http://www.anntaylorloft.com/catalog/department.jsp?N=1200042&categoryId=3364&loc=TN

Just to give you all a little incentive (like you needed one) I ran over to the LOFT this morning and purchased a silk dress for under $10…yes, that’s $10 as in 10 $1 bills. When I find a steal like that my heart literally starts pounding as I realize that I have just scored – bigtime. So go ahead and seek out that steal today…its waiting for you! 🙂


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