ok, hello everyone…well, I’m new at this “blog thing” so here goes. So its my vision for this blog site to be an area where we can come together and discuss the latest fashion, where to get it for less and what trends work for different body types. Sometimes its hard for us (and I mean “us women”) to translate whats hot in the fashion world to what works for us and our individual body structures. Ok, confession #1, I love skinny jeans. Jeggings. Leggings. Love them all. Problem #1, I’m 5’4″ and lets just say that the skinny jean doesn’t exactly accentuate my best features. They actually make me look shorter than I am and slightly dumpy, in my opinion. Now, by the world’s standards, I’m not really overweight at all but I could look 1o pounds heavier just by choosing a pant like this that is unflattering to my body. I don’t know a woman, anywhere, that would want to do that to themselves. But ask me, go ahead ask me…Faith, do you own skinny jeans? As I lower my head to hide my shame I would have to shake my head and answer in the affirmative. I have them and I wear them, I wear them proudly. Here’s the deal, if you LOVE a trend and absolutely HAVE to have it figure out how it can work for you. My skinny jeans work for me because I pair them with fabulous heels (elongating my short legs) and a great top that I can wear a belt with. The belt gives me a true waistline and thus eliminates the dumpiness that low waisted jeans/pants can give us petite girls. It’s all about choosing the trend that you love and them figuring out how it looks best on your bod. After all, not all women are 5’10” and 115 pounds. And you don’t have to be…trust me. So hopefully we can get some nice discussions going about our favorite fall essentials, where you got them (hopefully for a steal!) and how you make them work for your personal style.

Passion for fashion!


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